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Thank you for visiting the website of Precision BMW Repair. We're located in Brentwood, NH and serve the surrounding area. You can bring your BMW to our shop for an oil change, vehicle inspection, performance upgrade or overall assessment.

Call us at 603-679-3883. We look forward to serving you.

Call to Make an Appointment

Please call us at (603) 679-3883 during business hours to make an appointment.

When can I speak with someone?
We are usually able to answer weekdays only between 10am - 6pm. Weekends we are closed. Sometimes there might be a higher call volume - you may have to call back a little later or leave a voicemail. While you're welcome to e-mail (bmwrepairnh@gmail.com), we only check email a few times per day. We monitor the phone carefully, this means in between calls and customers we check voicemails.

Please allow 24-48 hours to return your call. We make every effort to go through voicemails throughout the day and take returning calls very seriously. If we do not call you back within 24-48 business hours, it is likely your message did not go through (sometimes technical issues occur).

What is your e-mail address?
While calling is always the best most accurate and immediate form of communication (and the best way to schedule an appointment), we do check our e-mail a few times per day - e-mail address: bmwrepairnh@gmail.com. Feel free to email to let us know to call you or if you have a question. Due to the nature of technology, if you do not receive a reply, it is possible the e-mail did not go through. All appointments must be scheduled by phone or in person (we're working on setting up text message capabilities too), live-time scheduling is best due to the constantly changing schedule.

How do I make an appointment?
All services are by appointment. All appointments are scheduled by phone or in-person. Our schedule changes on an hourly basis, so we have to schedule in live-time. You're also welcome to email to let us know to call you. Phone: 603-679-3883 (weekdays 10am - 6pm).

What if I have an emergency?
Depending on the issue - most emergencies mean the car has to be towed. If it is the weekday, call us and let us know what's happening. It could be a situation where you do not have to tow the car, and we might even be able to guide you through a process (depending on issue). But you are welcome to tow the car if you'd like at any time (weekends we're closed, but you can tow the car anyway, and we can bring it in sometime on Monday). Most people call to tell us ahead of time the car is being towed, if it is the weekend they'll leave a message and a note in the car of what's happening. If it is the weekend, leave a message and we will check voicemails through the day (we have access to voicemails on our personal phones).

When will you get my car in after I tow it?
We will integrate the car into the existing schedule, so if you are unable to wait a few days for the whole process (from the day you tow it to the next day we have a diagnosis and estimate), we do understand there are those who must have their car back in under a days time. If that's the case, we may not be the best option if you need the car looked at and repaired in under 2 days time.

Once the car is here, we will do our best for a fair turn-around time. When the car arrives, we will fit it in for diagnostics within 24 hours, and create an estimate. We will contact you with the estimate/findings to see how you would like to proceed. Then we will use the following day or 2 to complete the necessary repairs you authorize. We do not perform any services or repairs without authorization.

If you believe it is an emergency and absolutely need the vehicle diagnosed and repaired in less than 2 business days, we may not be able to accommodate that every time, but there are weeks where we can be that fast. It just depends on the existing schedule. One of the main attractions to coming here is our quality and workmanship, as well as Derek's 30 years of experience with BMW repair and maintenance. He is the main technician on site, as a result we need that first 24-hour to diagnose. If it is the weekend you can leave a message and send an email too to let us know what's happening.

Where do I leave my car?
There is plenty of parking on site designated for our customers. The general rule is, if it's a space in front of our doors or in our area, we can use it. If it is a space in front of a door labeled with another business' name, it is their parking space. If you drive the car here, once you pull in, there are spaces on the right along the building, and a few out back behind the building where the garage doors are located. We have a key drop box by the back door. If the car is not running, please tell your tow truck driver to leave the car in a space we can push the car into the garage doors out back. Around the back of the building there are garage doors labeled 1A & 1B which belong to us, and the parking spaces in front of them are perfect for cars to be left that are not running and need to be pushed in. Otherwise if the car is running, the tow-truck can leave the vehicle in our area.

PARKING: Please note that we do not have permission to park in the spaces in front of doors with other business' names on them. We can park along the side of the building, and in the spaces in front of doors 1A & 1B. Door 2A has been kind enough to allow us to park in front of their door temporarily.

Appointment Policies:
Due to the demand and being a owner operated shop, we strive to accommodate all clients. In order to maintain fast turn around times and perform efficiently, client's will need to provide us with all information up front so that we can set aside enough time to operate on the vehicle. This is to say we need to be aware of the vehicles symptoms and your expectations so that we can do our best. Please see our policies for reference.

-We will schedule the appointment for the time it takes to perform the service. We will confirm the appointment 2 or so days prior. We will only order parts once we have confirmed the appointment with you to avoid ordering nonrefundable parts. For special order parts, there is a reasonable deposit required during booking. If a client does not show up there will be a 20% restocking fee forwarded from parts vendors on the part(s).

It's really important to us that we spend the time required servicing your BMW - so we have created a questionnaire to help you provide us the best info. This will ensure we leave plenty of time to work on your BMW.

When scheduling, provide us the answers to these questions:
We create a quick file for you and note model and year. The appointment setting process should take 5 minutes on average. We ask a few basic questions of what the needs are at this time. Also we may ask you a few more questions, but have also outlined them here in the case you'd like to be prepared to provide additional info. It's important to us to take good care of your BMW and know what your expectations are. For that reason we have some first time client questions to get to know your BMW.

Are there any lights on the dashboard or otherwise? Are there any sounds, or audible symptoms noticeable? Do you feel any grinding, scraping, rubbing, vibrating, or experience any similar symptoms? Are there any oil burning or coolant smells? Are there any leaks known? Are there any indicators of mice or rodent damage (if yes please use repellents as soon as possible such as peppermint oil or dryer sheets). Any reason you believe the car has additional issues or requires extra diagnostics?