Education and Training

Most BMW Technicians begin their career with BMW where they are trained, educated and taught through BMW held programs and classes. These are designed by BMW of North America so technicians can learn about specific BMW diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance. While rare to find outside of BMW dealerships, a Master level BMW Technician is a valuable and trained as a BMW specific technician with many years of experience.

Owner and operator Derek has earned Master BMW Technician status, working his way up at BMW to shop foreman level. His 25+ years of BMW specific experience will help BMW customers receive treatment plans and repair.

Education and Training: Derek has earned Professional Achievement by the Association of Certified Technicians, and is the Regional Winner of a BMW ACT Certified Technician Award. BMW has invested time and training in Derek for many years in all areas of BMW Service.

His training/education and awards include, but are not limited to; Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, Technical Systems, Chassis and Electrical Systems, BMW Electronic systems, Functions and Diagnosis, Testing, Body Adjustments, Climate Control Functions, and earned certifications for education in all model and engine diagnosis and service.

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