Why to choose Precision BMW Repair?

Owner, Derek N. is ASE Certified and BMW Factory certified and trained starting in 1992. Previously employed by BMW dealerships for 17 years, his experience and training earned him BMW Factory Service Training achievement awards for the Eastern Region - earning a Master BMW Technician status.

How do I make an appointment?

All services are by appointment. All appointments are scheduled by phone or in-person. Our schedule changes on an hourly basis, so we have to schedule in live-time. You're also welcome to email to let us know to call you. Phone: 603-679-3883 (weekdays 10am - 6pm).

What if I have an emergency?

Depending on the issue - most emergencies mean the car has to be towed. If it is the weekday, call us and let us know what's happening. It could be a situation where you do not have to tow the car, and we might even be able to guide you through a process (depending on issue). But you are welcome to tow the car if you'd like at any time (weekends we're closed, but you can tow the car anyway, and we can bring it in sometime on Monday). Most people call to tell us ahead of time the car is being towed, if it is the weekend they'll leave a message and a note in the car of what's happening. If it is the weekend, leave a message and we will check voicemails through the day (we have access to voicemails on our personal phones).

When will you get my car in after I tow it?

We will integrate the car into the existing schedule, so if you are unable to wait a few days for the whole process (from the day you tow it to the next day we have a diagnosis and estimate), we do understand there are those who must have their car back in under a days time. If that's the case, we may not be the best option if you need the car looked at and repaired in under 2 days time.

Once the car is here, we will do our best for a fair turn-around time. When the car arrives, we will fit it in for diagnostics within 24 hours, and create an estimate. We will contact you with the estimate/findings to see how you would like to proceed. Then we will use the following day or 2 to complete the necessary repairs you authorize. We do not perform any services or repairs without authorization.

If you believe it is an emergency and absolutely need the vehicle diagnosed and repaired in less than 2 business days, we may not be able to accommodate that every time, but there are weeks where we can be that fast. It just depends on the existing schedule. One of the main attractions to coming here is our quality and workmanship, as well as Derek's 30 years of experience with BMW repair and maintenance. He is the main technician on site, as a result we need that first 24-hour to diagnose. If it is the weekend you can leave a message and send an email too to let us know what's happening.

Where do I leave my car?

There is plenty of parking on site designated for our customers. The general rule is, if it's a space in front of our doors or in our area, we can use it. If it is a space in front of a door labeled with another business' name, it is their parking space. If you drive the car here, once you pull in, there are spaces on the right along the building, and a few out back behind the building where the garage doors are located. We have a key drop box by the back door. If the car is not running, please tell your tow truck driver to leave the car in a space we can push the car into the garage doors out back. Around the back of the building there are garage doors labeled 1A & 1B which belong to us, and the parking spaces in front of them are perfect for cars to be left that are not running and need to be pushed in. Otherwise if the car is running, the tow-truck can leave the vehicle in our area.

PARKING: Please note that we do not have permission to park in the spaces in front of doors with other business' names on them. We can park along the side of the building, and in the spaces in front of doors 1A & 1B. Door 2A has been kind enough to allow us to park in front of their door temporarily.

Why is the Check Engine light on?

The "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" lights are different from the "Service Due" light. "Service Due" is part of the preset reminder system of interval tune up services (every other year the Brake light comes on for the Brake Fluid Flush etc.". The "Check Engine" light can be on for many reasons and be accompanied with other lights and symptoms. While we have to scan the car for the light, we can provide customers some general reasons the light comes on. It usually means there is a problem requiring attention either urgently, or sometimes when the light is on but no other symptoms present themselves [car is driving normal] - it may be possible to scan it as a regular non urgent service. If the light is accompanied by lack of power, noises, smells, or other lights, it could be more urgent. Ignition Coil failures are common on many BMW models and present as a Check Engine light, reduced power or limp mode, and even shuttering/shaking. Sometimes when the Check Engine light is on after filling up the gas tank, and no other issues present themselves, the driver may be aware that they left the task cap loose. This will set that light. It will need to be cleared, does not pose a major problem if it is just a loose gas cap, and even if it is tightened, the light is set until either it's cleared or in some cases may go off on it's own after driving for a while. Check Engine lights result in many findings, depending on the model BMW. All require a scan with our BMW Factory computer. To better diagnose, provide us a detailed history, recent services, any suspicions you may have that could have caused the light to come on, etc.

Why is my TPMS light on?

There are various reasons this light would be on. Please check the tire pressures and read the instructions of your manual on how to set the pressures. On most BMW, the pressures are set between 35 to 39 pounds. Even if there is too much air, the light could come on because of the varying pressures from tire to tire. Another option is to check if there's a nail in a tire. This can be done by spraying a mix of soap and water, and see where it's bubbling out of. A nail can be removed and plugged. Please call to set up an appointment.

Are all Oil Filters created Equal?

NO, they are not.Here is an example of an oil filter installed by a Quick lube shop. (filter on the right) And a picture of the correct filter for your BMW installed by us.
The shriveled up one on the right is what they install at a Quick lube shop.Clearly it doesn't compare to the correct one on the left. It is shriveled, and it doesn't even look the same as the other one.
It may be cheaper to go to Quick lube shop but they often use substandard parts that will damage your engine, they strip the drain plugs, and they use recycled oil.
They both have 5,000 miles on them. (The recommended oil change interval for all BMW's)

How come my air conditioning is just not as cold as it used to be?

Over time, air conditioning systems lose their power. Sometimes, all that is needed is a recharge of the system [freon recharge] or a repair of a small leak in the system. In other cases, the problem is more complex. There are 2 fill valves that the A/C machine hooks up to - they tend to leak freon over time and are replaced during the A/C recharge service. During the recharge process, a dye goes into the system, which helps us identify future leaks. It seems no matter what model you have, they all tend to lose freon over time. We see most cars get a refill about every 3 years. In any event, whether you have an older car or or a new vehicle with a computerized A/C system, we can get your air running cold again.

I feel a vibration in my steering wheel. What's going on?

In many cases, this is not an actual steering system problem. Since there is a physical connection between the wheels and your steering wheel, and your hands spend a lot of time on the steering wheel, this is often where we sense problems first. In many cases, it is a dented rim or other wheel or brakes issue that is causing these vibrations. Some of these are quite inexpensive and fast repairs, so it makes sense to have it diagnosed by a professional mechanic. We can figure out exactly what is causing that strange vibration, and get you back to a smooth driving experience.

I feel a shimmying or vibration or hear a squeak when I am braking, what should I do?

There are several components in your braking system, including rotors and pads, that could require service or replacement. Sometimes, it is a very simple and fast maintenance that is needed to get everything lined up and working smoothly. Since brakes are such an important safety feature, it's always best to get your brakes looked at by a professional as soon as you notice something strange.

"Our philosophy is to provide the best quality service and attention to detail at a fair and honest price"