Call to Make an Appointment

Call or Visit to Schedule

Please call us at (603) 679-3883 during business hours to make an appointment.

When can I speak with someone?
We are usually able to answer sometime between 10am – 6pm weekdays only. We receive a very high call volume, so we’re not always able to answer the first time – you may have to call back a few hours later, leave a voicemail, or e-mail to request a call.

What is your e-mail address? You can send an email to let us know you need a call back or if you have a question. All appointments must be scheduled by phone.

How do I make an appointment?
All services are by appointment. All appointments are scheduled by phone or in-person. Our schedule changes on an hourly basis, so we have to schedule in live-time.

What if I have an emergency?

Depending on the issue – most emergencies mean the car has to be towed. Tow the vehicle, call or leave a note, or send an email to let us know what’s happening.  We have a key drop box by the back door, and the tow-truck can leave the vehicle in our area. (Note: do not park in front of door’s labeled with another business’ name). Please note that we will integrate the car into the existing schedule so we will do our best for a fair turn-around time.

Appointment Policies:

We operate under a very high demand and strive to accommodate all clients. In order to do so, we need client’s cooperation to provide us with all information up front so that we can set aside enough time and efficiently operate on the vehicle. Please see our policies for reference.

-We will schedule the appointment for the time it takes to perform the service – We will confirm the appointment 2-3 days prior – We will only order parts once we have confirmed the appointment with you to avoid ordering parts that are nonrefundable – If a client does not show up or cancels the appointment last minute, there will be a 20% restocking fee on the part.

It’s really important to us that we spend the time required servicing your BMW – so we have created a questionnaire to help you provide us the best info. This will ensure we leave plenty of time to work on your BMW.

When scheduling, provide us the answers to these questions:
Are there any lights on the dashboard or otherwise? Are there any sounds, noises, or any audible symptoms noticeable? Do you feel any grinding, scraping, rubbing or experience any similar symptoms? Are there any burning or coolant smells? Are there any leaks known? Are there any indicators of mice or rodent damage and if yes please use repellents as soon as possible (peppermint oil or dryer sheets). Any reason you believe the car has additional issues or requires extra diagnostics?