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Thinking about buying a used car? Always have a used car inspected by Our qualified mechanic before buying it.That’s one bit of advice that almost all car experts agree on. Why? Because doing so can uncover hidden problems, protect you from unexpected repairs, enhance your safety, and possibly lower the purchase price.


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Did you purchase an extended warranty? At this time we are not working directly with Extended Warranties due to some changes in the industry. However, we are being told that those who have an Extended Warranty can be reimbursed for work performed at our shop. The claim must be started by the owner of the vehicle, and once we have an estimate, the owner of the vehicle can provide the Extended Warranty with a copy of the estimate. Once the Extended Warranty accepts the estimate, they will let the owner of the vehicle know how much of the estimate they would cover. Once the services are approved, the owner of the vehicle can be paid by the Extended Warranty for whatever was approved.

At Precision BMW Repair, trained automotive specialists will know how to assist you in calling your Extended Warranty and guide you in how to start your claim. Due to some changes in the automotive industry, we currently are not able to work with your Extended Warranty directly. However we can guide you in the process and answer any questions you might have. We will provide our BMW expertise to explain in a report what your vehicle’s needs are so that you may submit the report and estimate to your Extended Warranty.

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Assessments can be performed on any vehicle; whether on new customer’s vehicles, or current customers. Assessments provide an updated condition report and consultation in which Precision BMW assesses the vehicle inside out, including a computer code scan, resulting in a report that can be used to plan a maintenance strategy. During consultation, customers may bring concerns for technician to focus on. The report can be used to begin long-term treatment and care on BMW’s. Many customers aim to experience their vehicle’s efficiency, value, and receive the longevity their investment offers.

Assessments are not limited to the possibilities of services provided, generally an assessment will include, but is not limited to; appraisal of vehicle’s safety mechanics, suspension components, engine and related condition exam, cooling system functioning, internal computer components efficiency, physical inspections, and various exams of vehicle’s mechanics, as well as performing an inspection of safety and emissions for future and current ability to pass NH State Inspection (performing checks in advance may confirm vehicle passes inspection). Customers may bring concerns and ask questions, as well as learn the endless abilities of their Ultimate Driving Machine. Our focus is to provide an economically conservative BMW care plan, which will outline its service needs in priority, a maintenance plan, as well as needs before being able to pass NH State Inspection.

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We have an expression in the BMW world; “once you own a BMW, you never own another car”. Are you thinking of buying a BMW? Do you know if it’s been maintained? What will it cost to get the most out of this investment? Precision BMW Repair has one piece of important advice; know what you are buying! Our Pre-Purchase Inspections include an inside out exam, as well as a scan of the onboard computer for information/codes. We have the tools to read the story your possible new BMW tells. We’re equipped with the BMW diagnostic computer, and have the devices to provide detailed information about the engine, mainframe, and all the vehicle’s functions and systems. Once a thorough inspection is performed, a written report will provide details of that vehicle’s condition, with a list of its maintenance/service needs in order of priority (estimates provided separately).

Let us tell you what your new car is saying! We will tell you exactly what you’re planning to buy, and what the investment truly demands. This inspection could save you thousands, whether it means you choose not to purchase that BMW, or purchased it over another poorly running BMW, even use the results to discuss the car’s value with the seller – because at the end of the day, buyer’s remorse should never set in if you have had a Pre Purchase Inspection!

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Duration: 1 hour

Diagnostic Services

Diagnosing, Troubleshooting, and Testing

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Service involve various scans for any displayed error or lights on the dash, to any noises, smells and sounds. We have the BMW Factory diagnostic computer which allows us to see the issue same as BMW would be able to diagnose it. Our wealth of resources and information allows us to make most diagnosis fairly quickly in a reasonable amount of time. Whatever may be going on with your BMW, we can diagnose the issue and put together a written report with an estimate on your options for moving forward.

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Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car

Performance Upgrades


Tire Machine

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