Did you purchase an extended warranty? At this time we are not working directly with Extended Warranties due to some changes in the industry. However, we are being told that those who have an Extended Warranty can be reimbursed for work performed at our shop. The claim must be started by the owner of the vehicle, and once we have an estimate, the owner of the vehicle can provide the Extended Warranty with a copy of the estimate. Once the Extended Warranty accepts the estimate, they will let the owner of the vehicle know how much of the estimate they would cover. Once the services are approved, the owner of the vehicle can be paid by the Extended Warranty for whatever was approved.

At Precision BMW Repair, trained automotive specialists will know how to assist you in calling your Extended Warranty and guide you in how to start your claim. Due to some changes in the automotive industry, we currently are not able to work with your Extended Warranty directly. However we can guide you in the process and answer any questions you might have. We will provide our BMW expertise to explain in a report what your vehicle’s needs are so that you may submit the report and estimate to your Extended Warranty.

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