We have an expression in the BMW world; “once you own a BMW, you never own another car”. Are you thinking of buying a BMW? Do you know if it’s been maintained? What will it cost to get the most out of this investment? Precision BMW Repair has one piece of important advice; know what you are buying! Our Pre-Purchase Inspections include an inside out exam, as well as a scan of the onboard computer for information/codes. We have the tools to read the story your possible new BMW tells. We’re equipped with the BMW diagnostic computer, and have the devices to provide detailed information about the engine, mainframe, and all the vehicle’s functions and systems. Once a thorough inspection is performed, a written report will provide details of that vehicle’s condition, with a list of its maintenance/service needs in order of priority (estimates provided separately).

Let us tell you what your new car is saying! We will tell you exactly what you’re planning to buy, and what the investment truly demands. This inspection could save you thousands, whether it means you choose not to purchase that BMW, or purchased it over another poorly running BMW, even use the results to discuss the car’s value with the seller – because at the end of the day, buyer’s remorse should never set in if you have had a Pre Purchase Inspection!

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Duration: 1 hour